What Are the Worst Current Automotive Design Trends?

Current Automotive Design Trends

The world of automotive design is constantly evolving, with car manufacturers always looking for new ways to attract buyers. However, not all design trends are created equal. Some have been widely criticized by consumers and industry experts alike. In this article, we will discuss some of the worst current automotive design trends.

The Overuse of Large Grilles

One of the most prominent design trends in recent years has been the use of large grilles on the front of cars. While this trend can be traced back to the BMW kidney grille, many manufacturers have taken it to the extreme, with grilles that take up the entire front of the car. While some may argue that these grilles provide better engine cooling, they are often criticized for being visually unappealing and out of proportion with the rest of the car’s design.

Excessive Use of LED Lighting

Another trend that has been widely criticized is the excessive use of LED lighting. While these lights can certainly add a modern and futuristic touch to a car’s design, many manufacturers have gone overboard, incorporating them in almost every aspect of a car’s exterior and interior. The result is often a car that looks overly busy and tacky, with too many bright lights and distracting patterns.

Lack of Originality

One of the most disappointing trends in automotive design is the lack of originality. Many cars today look very similar to one another, with similar body shapes and design cues. This is partly due to the fact that many manufacturers are using the same platforms and components across multiple models, but it also reflects a lack of creativity and originality in the design process. Consumers want cars that stand out and have a unique personality, but all too often, they are presented with uninspired designs that blend in with the crowd.

Overemphasis on Crossover SUVs

Finally, one trend that has been dominating the automotive market in recent years is the overemphasis on crossover SUVs. While these vehicles can be practical and versatile, they are not suitable for everyone. Many consumers prefer traditional sedans or coupes, but the market seems to be moving away from these models in favor of crossovers. This trend has led to a homogenization of the automotive landscape, with many manufacturers abandoning their more unique models in favor of SUVs that all look and feel the same.

In conclusion, there are several current automotive design trends that are widely criticized by consumers and industry experts. These include the overuse of large grilles, excessive use of LED lighting, lack of originality, and overemphasis on crossover SUVs. While some of these trends may be driven by practical considerations or market demand, it is important for car manufacturers to remember that good design is about more than just meeting these criteria. Cars should also be visually appealing, innovative, and able to stand out from the crowd.

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