How to make money with a Weed Farm in GTA Online after the 420 update

GTA Online’s 420 update has brought about exciting changes for players who own a weed farm. While players can now purchase and run their own weed business, they may be wondering how to maximize their profits. Here are some tips on how to make money with a weed farm in GTA Online after the 420 update.

Setting Up Your Weed Farm

The first step to making money with a weed farm in GTA Online is setting up the business. Players can purchase a weed farm through the Maze Bank Foreclosures website or via the laptop in their clubhouse. The farm requires a minimum investment of $715,000 and players will need to complete a mission to set up the business.

Once the business is set up, players will need to purchase supplies to grow their weed. Players can either purchase supplies or steal them during missions. Players should aim to steal supplies as much as possible to maximize profits.

Growing Weed and Selling It

After setting up the farm and acquiring supplies, players can start growing weed. The weed farm requires players to wait for the plants to mature before harvesting them. Players can also upgrade their weed farm to improve its efficiency and yield.

Once players have harvested their weed, they can sell it through a delivery mission. Delivery missions can be completed solo or with a group of players. Players should aim to sell their weed in bulk to maximize their profits.

Maximize Profits with a Bunker

Players can further maximize their profits by purchasing a bunker. Bunkers allow players to manufacture and sell weapons. Players can also use the bunker to purchase supplies for their weed farm at a discounted rate.

In Conclusion

Running a weed farm in GTA Online can be a lucrative business venture for players. By setting up the farm, growing weed, and selling it through delivery missions, players can make a substantial profit. To further maximize their profits, players should consider purchasing a bunker to manufacture weapons and purchase discounted supplies for their weed farm.

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